Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

De verloren moeder

De verloren moeder

Meneer Krakketak

Meneer Krakketak Picturebook

Slootwater comics

Slootwater Comics

De Punt Avans comics

Punt Avans Comics

deGouda comics

deGouda Comics

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Geschiedenis Comics


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Pygmalion Picturebook

Pygmalion Picturebook

About Me

Hi my name is Arjanne van Manen and I’m a professional illustrator who lives and works in the Netherlands.
I’d like to define my work as positive, emotional and comical.
I use a lot of humor in my work and that’s why I’m best known for my comics and cartoons. Of course I draw other things as well, for example: take a look at my latest graphic novel "De verloren moeder"!

You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more “work in progress” stuff!

I hope you enjoy my website!

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